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Visitor Ticket Offer

  • The Mainstage sums up our main ambitions: sharing knowledge about digital and social innovation and future trends. Here you will be able to attend many different events, such as inspirational talks, live performances, concerts and more, thanks to the contribution of our famous guests and international brand representatives. 
    The Mainstage also hosts the final phase of the biggest Startup Competition in Italy and the WMF Awards Ceremony.

  • The WMF dedicates a large area of the Palacongressi to exhibitions. Within the Expo Area, both offline and online, participants can get in touch with the major players of the digital and innovation world, thus increasing their business network and connecting with a broad range of digital innovators. Among our previous exhibitors you can find: Google, Amazon, Aruba, OpenFiber, Oracle, Trustpilot and XPay Nexi. The Innovation Technology Area is a space dedicated to exhibitions, where exhibitors can display new technologies and innovative products.

  • Many festival initiatives focus on the definition and the evolution of new digital professions. During the WMF, you will be able to join the Digital Job Placement, the recruitment service for digital skills. You will also have the possibility of learning more about the main drivers of the digital job market.

  • The Festival offers many professional growth opportunities to help participants meet their career objectives. The agenda includes numerous business networking events and initiatives, such as a Business Matching service, which will allow participants to book meetings with the companies exhibiting in the Expo Area. You will be albe to take part both in Rimini and Online.

  • The WMF combines educational trainings with artistic performances and shows. Acrobats, jugglers and musicians will entertain the public with their electrifying performances while cartoonists will display their drawings in the Comics Area. The Ticket will allow you to decide whether to attend these events in Rimini or online through our platform.


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